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Summer 2017


Welcome, one and all! Summer is upon us and it is time for another wonderful sailing season at the club.

 I stopped by last weekend was reminded just why I love CYC. It was a beautiful day with a light breeze and I would have loved to be out on the water. Inside the clubhouse Rob Hurd was teaching a U.S. Sailing Level II instructor course and several of our instructors were participating. 

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These young instructors bring enthusiasm, expertise and a willingness to work hard to our sailing school each summer. Together they build a lively and vibrant program which we hope instills a lifelong love of sailing and the joy of competition. On the dock, Garland and Walt Kincaid were installing the new frame for the course boards - a necessary improvement, and an example of the many volunteers who make the club work. We are tremendously grateful to all of the people who take on jobs and do them with care and skill. If you haven't already volunteered, please do! The club only works if everyone participates.

As always, we appreciate the generous spirit of Eastward Ho!, who share this gorgeous space with us. Please take note of the parking instructions and safety precautions for walking over the hill, and remember to be courteous to the golfers.

I look forward to seeing you at the club and on the water!

Happy Sailing...

Dorothy Cary, Commodore.

As always,CYC runs on volunteers and needs your needs your help, please see the best place to volunteer:

Main Volunteer:


Race Patrol:

All members are strongly encouraged to volunteer in some way during the course of each summer. Opportunities are outlined on the online sign-up.

I'm excited for the 2017 Sailing season,

All the best,

Dorothy Cary


CYC Sailing School

Hello CYC members!

My name is Sarah Kane and I am the new Program Director of the sailing school. I am very excited to help run the fantastic program that taught me how to sail. I have been sailing at CYC since I was 8 years old and have been teaching at the club since 2012. During my time teaching at CYC I worked with the crew and Opti classes. While I do love teaching, I am looking forward to this new leadership role. I just completed by sophomore year at Hamilton College where I study biology and art as well as play field hockey. I am looking forward to a engaging, and fun summer. 

As this is my first year as the program director I am very grateful for all of the help I have received thus far. Thank you to all of the flag officers, to Meredith, who has fielded every one one of my questions thus far, to all of the volunteers that helped get the club ready for the start of sailing school, and to my staff for their positivity and hard work.  

Now for a few reminders: The 4th annual CYC Parents Open House is Wednesday July 5th from 4 to 5 pm. During the open house parents will be able to meet their children's instructor's and ask any questions they may have. This open house is also a great way to meet new members. If you have any questions, please email or speak to me. 

The yacht club will be marching in the 4th of July parade again this year. See the announcement elsewhere in this  If you, or your child would like to walk, please come talk to me about ways you can help. 

I am excited for the start of another wonderful summer on Pleasant Bay!

Sarah Kane


CYC Sailing School Staff:

Program Director:
Assistant Program Director:
 Sarah Kane
 Julia Fuller
Racing Director:  Sarah Fuller
Advisor to Crew instructors: Katie Dickson
Crew:  Ashley Dart
Recreational Program:Chris Cone
Opti Director (Intermediate & Advanced) Julia Fuller
Opti Beginner: Ellen Fuller
Helmsman: Connor Blanchet
Laser Beginner:  Harris Padegs
Adult Sailing: Ashley Dart
Abby Lenox

Opti -
Ryan Goldstein (Opti Beginner)
Clayton Kincaid (Opti Beginner)
Abby Lennox (Opti Beginner)
Izzy Magioni (Opti Beginner)
Jack Murphy (Opti Intermdiate)
Tommy Szymanski (Opti Intermediate)

Clayton Kincaid

Marni Clary

Junior Instructors:
Jack Lenox
Brendan Murphy
Calder Robbins
Substitute Instructors:
Hank Bailey
Will Bailey
Niccolo Cardinali
Sydney Clary
Kaitlyn McGauley
Owen Primeau
Jack Szymanski

Race Team-
Jack Murphy


We offer a three levels of the optimist classes; a beginner, intermediate and advanced Optimist classes.  Our goal is to provide the students  with more individual attention, and to offer instruction tailored to the needs of the sailors.

Sailing School classes are adjusted each year to provide for the best experience for our students to learn to sail. Three years ago we added a recreation program to provide sailing instruction to students less interested in racing. We will again have both a seaman and helmsman recreational sailing class, so that students can learn sailing and advanced sailing techniques without learning about racing or racing strategies.

In addition, both the Helmsman and Opti classes will be offered three days a week to allow students more time on the water to hone their skills. We made this change after surveying sailing school parents about their preferences for their students.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Progression of Classes?

Beginning Sailors are in the Crew class, and we hope that all sailors move into the Opti I class after they have mastered the basics of sailing. After the beginning Opti class, students have a choice of continuing in the Opti program or joining the recreational seaman program. Optimist sailors move through the two more levels before moving onto 420’s. After the sailor’s skills have increased sufficiently, they move onto the Helmsman class. Sailors at this level are eligible to join the beginning Laser class. Dedicated racers, who have gained sufficient skill racing and are at least 14 years old, can join the Racing Skippers class, which is the CYC race team.

Can students move from the recreational program back to the racing program?

Yes, students can move between the recreational program and the racing program. A student who sails in the recreational seaman program can join the Helmsman racing program. The reverse is also true; a student can move from the racing program into the Recreational program as their interest changes.

What boats do the students in the recreational program sail?

The recreational seaman students sail in Sunfish with a partner from the class. The Recreational helmsman students sail in 420’s, daysailors, and other boats as they are available.

Can students in the recreational program race?

Students in the recreational program can certainly race. The sailing school will not have sailing school races for them, but they are welcome, and in fact encouraged to sail in the Wednesday Junior series races, or the Tuesday and Saturday races.


CYC Parking

The new parking lot configuration allows for multi-directional Fox Hill Road access from three points as illustrated in the diagram below. It is essential that all CYC traffic use the third entrance on Fox Hill road to minimize the access traffic and pedestrian hazards in the other parts of the parking area.

The added parking has improved parking but we, EHCC and CYC, need to continue to optimize on the available parking with the following actions;

Sailing School morning classes

CYC instructors will be available to help students to and from the CYC club house so parents can enjoy the convenience of “drop and go” noted by the yellow cross-hash area. Before 11:30 am, parking maybe available on a first-come, first-serve basis in the designated area, highlighted in green box, for parents to bring their children to classes, meet the instructors and fellow parents. Please be aware this area is not exclusive to CYC but shared with EHCC. If there is a shortage of parking spaces in the designated area, please park on the shoulder of Fox Hill Rd. “Pickup and go” will also be available for your convenience at the conclusion of morning classes at the Pick-up spot shown in the diagram. This is a safer and shaded location where our students can be ready for pick-up.


Parking begins to get busy around 11:30 when Eastward Ho! Lunch service begins. After 11:30, We ask that CYC members park on the Fox Hill road shoulder during lunch if the north lot is busy.

Afternoon classes and races

Due to the limited amount of parking spaces, Parents are encouraged to enjoy the convenience of “drop and go” where appropriate for the children. Parents who would like to see your kids in action during the afternoon races can check for available parking spots in the designated (green) area after 2 PM. If there is a shortage of parking spaces at any time, please park on the shoulder of Fox Hill Rd.

Eastward Ho! will have parking lot attendants available to assist with traffic flow and direct CYC members to the designated (green) area. Please don’t hesitate to speak with them if you have any questions or need assistance.

As always, safety is paramount as we balance convenience and consideration for a shared parking resource with our friends at Eastward Ho!

Thank you for your cooperation as we begin a new exciting season at CYC!


Sailing school is held every day, RAIN or SHINE! 

It is important that each child comes prepared. Remember to mark items with your name !

Please have your child WEAR to Sailing School every day :

• Swimsuit

• T-shirt and Shorts (clothing to cover up during walk through Eastward Ho! Golf course)

• Closed-toe shoes (crocks, old sneakers, or water shoes)

Please have your child BRING to Sailing School every day :

Please have your child BRING to Sailing School every day :

  • Life Jacket (to be worn at ALL times on dock, on float, in launch and in sailboats)
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat / Visor / Sunglasses Extra t-shirt and shorts
  • Sweatshirt / rain jacket
  • Lunch on Sailing School Race Day (Wednesday or Thursday)


Happy Summer everyone! I’m Julia Fuller, and I am so excited to be back this summer leading the Opti program with the help of Harris Padeg, Jack Murphy, Tommy Szymanski, Ellen Fuller and Ryan Goldstein! We are all looking forward to working with the Opti students, new and old, to have an awesome summer.

Just like last year we have three Opti classes, Beginner, Intermediate, and Opti Race Team.

Our beginner class will be taught and run by Ellen Fuller and Ryan Goldstein on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This class is a great way to ease our Crew class into Optis. Opti 1 students will learn to apply their knowledge from Beetle Cats to Optis and then will add on more Opti-specific skills to their ability. I encourage everyone to have their own boat as there are a limited number of club boats. Optis hold their value due to their popularity and high demand so a used racing-rigged Opti in reasonable condition can be purchased for around $1,000-$2,000, and a new one can be purchased from Sturgis for slightly more. When your sailor has grown out of the boat, it can be easily sold a few years later for not much less, especially if it was kept in good condition.

The intermediate class (Opti 2) is taught by Tommy Szymanski, Jack Murphy and me on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. These students have already had a solid introduction to the Opti class and are ready to take on more knowledge about the boat and racing.

The advanced class (Opti 3) is taught by Jack Murphy, Harris Padeg and me and will meet on Monday and Thursday mornings and on Wednesday afternoons. This class is focused on the more competitive aspects of racing, and we will be going to a lot of regattas. Regattas are not required but it is expected that everyone will go to at least two, as racing is the best way to practice.

My ultimate goal for the season is for every sailor--beginner, intermediate, and advanced--to gain confidence and comfort on the water as they hone their skill as a sailor.

As always, sailors of every experience level are encouraged to race as often as possible. As students only attend class three days a week, additional practice is immensely helpful. Races offer the opportunity to improve skills, challenge one’s self on the water, and make friends with students from other classes. CYC offers races on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays as well as the weekly Sailing School Race in each class.

Beyond CYC, I encourage sailors of all abilities to sail in regattas at other clubs. Regattas provide sailors with a place to practice their skills in new, exciting waters with kids in their age group from different clubs.

Beginner Opti Green Fleet participants are strongly encouraged to participate in the CYC regatta and the entire green fleet does the Barnstable green fleet regatta. Please contact me if your green fleeter would like to sail more than those two regattas. Certain regattas are Green Fleet-specific and are excellent introductions into the regatta world for beginner sailors. Our Championship Fleet sailors are encouraged to race in at least two, ideally three or more, regattas across Cape.

Please note that sailors who plan to race in the Championship Fleet this summer will need to be members of the United Optimist Dinghy Association. You can register online.

One final goal I have for the summer is to continue building a strong Opti community at CYC. To that end, I plan to continue the older sailor/younger sailor partner system this summer and I would like to set up various cross-class events both on and off the water to encourage friendships between sailors of different abilities. I love the friendly, helpful, and respectful dynamic that the Opti classes have demonstrated throughout the years and I expect that this will continue. I will be sending email updates to keep parents involved in the progress and accomplishments of the class.

Our program relies on parents’ help transporting boats and carpooling. There will be a Parent Meeting for Opti parents at the beginning of the sailing school season. Thank you in advance to all the parents who plan on helping this summer! We could not run this program without your help and support!

If you have any questions concerning classes, regattas, goals, equipment purchasing, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to help you in any way I can. I look forward to seeing everyone in the summer!



Hello sailors, parents and members of CYC!

Summer is finally here! I am so excited to be back coaching the 420 Race Team this year. I feel very fortunate to have been accepted into a special program in the fall that allows me to spend time on beautiful Pleasant Bay! This summer the Race Team will pick up where we left off last season: focusing on fitness, sportsmanship, fleet racing strategy, boat speed and team racing tactics. I will be assisted by Caroline Edwards, a CYC Race Team graduate and stellar sailor from the University of New Hampshire. Here’s a taste of what’s to come for the 420 fleet this year!

Fleet racing:

For the first few weeks of the season we will focus on boat handling, rigging and fleet racing strategy during practice. The skills that we learn in class can be applied to our local regattas, including competitions hosted by West Dennis and Bass River. We will also be attending the girls-only Gill Regatta held at Stage Harbor, as well as making the voyage to Vineyard Haven for some fantastic racing. While we all love traveling around cape to sail, I also highly encourage all Race Team members to participate in the Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday races at CYC.

Team racing:

New this season I will be offering Saturday morning Team Race scrimmages open to all 420 sailors and Opti race team members. Adults are also welcome, and encouraged, to attend! Some members of the team will participate in the CJ Buckley and SMSA Team Race Champs in August.

Looking forward to another great season!

See you on the Bay,

Sarah Fuller


Active sailboat racing by members of all ages is one of the great traditions of the Chatham Yacht Club. Head-to-head racing against adults provides an objective measure by which young sailors can judge their racing ability and progress. It also fosters cross- generational friendships and mentoring, which, incidentally, can go both ways. All members are urged to participate in racing.  Races are held weekly at CYC during the summer sailing season from late June to late August; please see the CYC weekly schedule for times. Information is also available on the CYC website.


Race held on Tuesdays, open to members of all ages (420s, Lasers, Sunfish, Beetle Cats, Optis)


Second race held on Tuesdays, following the first Tuesday race. Open to 420s, Lasers, Sunfish, and Optis, and for the Women’s Series in Beetles


Held during the second race on Tuesdays open to women skippers in Beetlecats.


Races held on Wednesday for Monday/Wednesday sailing school students (420s, Beetle Cats, Optis)

Races held on Thursday for Tuesday / Thursday sailing school students (420s, Sunfish, Beetle Cats, Optis)


Races held on Wednesday following the Sailing School Races (skippers under age 16 in 420s, Lasers, Sunfish, Beetle Cats, Optis)


Open to members of all ages (Marshall 18s, Day Sailers, 420s, Lasers, Sunfish, Beetle Cats, Optis)

Additional classes with three or more boats may be added at the discretion of the Race Committee.


Specific weekend race regatta for daysailers.


The Junior Presidents Cup for Day Sailers is sailed the weekend after the regatta. Skippers for this event must be 18 or younger.


References and includes Tuesday Series I, Tuesday Series II, Women’s Series and Saturday Series races.




In order to keep children safe, the costs affordable as well as maintain the community culture of Chatham Yacht Club, CYC relies on ALL members to volunteer in order to get everything done. This a great way to get to know old and new CYC members.

Sailing School Families should sign up for at least ONE VOLUNTEER SLOT PER CHILD enrolled in Sailing School and at least ONE REGATTA DONATION PER CHILD in Sailing School. All other members should sign up for at least TWO VOLUNTEER SLOTS and donate at least ONE ITEM for the Regatta (see separate signups below; the more donations the better, thanks!). If you have a motorboat and are willing to serve as Race Patrol, please consider PATROL as your volunteer responsibility. If you have never patrolled before, don’t worry it is easy and there are plenty of folks to help guide you – just ask



The CYC Social Committee is looking forward to another wonderful summer filled with fun events for the whole family, but we count on volunteers to make all these events happen!! Please sign up on the CYC website! If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact

Nikki Bartlett at

Thank you!!


 July 14th: Commodore's Cocktails, 6:00pm

July 21st: Sailing School Picnic 5:30pm

July 30th: CYC Beach Day

August 4th: Commodore's Buffet

August 11th: Ladies Luncheon and Fashion Show, 12:00pm

August 13th: CYC Beach Day

August 18th: Last Hurrah Cocktails, 6:00pm


CYC needs your help, please see the best place to volunteer:


QUESTIONS? contact: Cindi Fitzmaurice or Deb McLean at email: or


Lead by Nikki Bartlett

Help organizing,setting up, running, and clean-up of several social events.

Sign-up for an event.


Lead by Walter Kincaid

Help with building maintenance and improvements (not a lot expected with the new building) and attend to grounds, specifically grass, bushes, boat racks, walkway, dock, and any area up-keep needed to keep our students and members safe.


Lead by Suzanne Lenox

Help staff tables with CYC gear during several events to sell gear


Lead by Todd Lenox and Richard Blanchet

Help gathering and inputting scoring data


Lead by Tim Bailey, Elliott Lucil and Scott Clary

Help with the mechanical, electrical, and physical maintenance of our coach and patrol boats.

Oversee contractor provided maintenance and provide ideas man power to maintain, transport, and store our motor boats on and off-season.


Lead by Ted Dickson and Marshall Bartlett

Help with supplies and staffing for the two day regatta.


Lead by Susan & John Maggioni

Help patrol races and provide a safe environment for our sailors. Provide your availability.




Surrounded by family, our member, Christine (Tina) Clark Spring, died Sunday, May 21, after a long battle with a virulent form of breast cancer.  A lifelong member of CYC, Tina raced one of the original Whistlers as a teenager. After the fleet dissolved in the early sixties, Tina continued to lovingly maintain the boat. She never ceased to enjoy taking friends and family out in it for day sails.

 Most of us, however, know Tina as an enthusiastic and tough competitor in the beetle fleet in the Tuesday and Saturday races. Off the water, her laughter and high spirits, even as the disease ravaged her body, enlivened the after race debriefing.

 A service for Tina is planned at the Unitarian Universalist Church (819 Main Street, Chatham) on Thursday, July 6, at 2:30. Afterward her husband, David, their children, Rebecca, Carrie, and Jonathan, and their families invite you to join them at their home at 250 Bay Road for a celebration of her life


Willis Pease Taylor, age 29, died peacefully at home of complications from renal failure on Friday, December 30, 2016.  He was a life long member of the club and the son of Catherine (Cathy) and Jeffrey Taylor.   Willis was Sailing Master - now called Program Director - for three summers.  He was instrumental in seeing the need for, and in the planning of, the new club house. Willis especially loved teaching sailing and Pleasant Bay.   A fierce competitor on the race course, Willis sailed both 420's and Beetle Cats in recent years.  As Sailing Master, Willis enthusiastically encouraged young sailors and worked to ensure that the they had fun as they learned. The Pirate Days he organized will be long remembered. He instilled a love of the sport in many.  He also served on the board of Pleasant Bay Community Boating. 

Willis loved to talk about politics, sports, history, technology and the world in general.  He was a lover of conversation and was interested in people. He adored his family.  He will be deeply missed by all whose lives he touched.  He has left a gaping hole in all of the hearts of those that knew and loved him and his family.   

Access for all (especially children) to Pleasant Bay was important to Willis. Memorial donations in honor of Willis Taylor's life may be made to Pleasant Bay Community Boating, P.O.Box #21, North Chatham, 02650 (please note Willis Taylor Memorial Fund). 


Chatham Yacht Club | P.O. Box 531 | North Chatham, MA 02650

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