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Overview of Job Description - 


Application Deadline: March 31, 2018

The Racing Program Director occupies an eight week full time position beginning Monday, June 25th, and ending Sunday, August 19th, and is expected to prepare the 420 fleet and be available for clubhouse preparation and maintenance one week prior to the start of class (June 17). It is a full time position with an expected average 40 hr work week.

The Racing Program Director reports to the Sailing School Program Director and FlagOfficers. S/he is responsible for coaching the Racing Skippers class and Racing Team, and when not at away regattas to work with the racing Helmsman class. Together with the Sailing School Director, the Racing Program Director is responsible for running the sailing school races on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The Race Program Director is responsible for communicating with the team and parents about regattas,  planning the logistics of regatta travel and equipment, and coaching at various 420 regattas.

The Racing Program Director assists the Sailing School Program Director in the care and maintenance of all boats and equipment used by CYC.

The Racing Program Director helps to establish a culture of safety and respect for the sea.

The Sailing School Program Director shares with the Racing Program Director responsibility for assisting the Race Committee, running the Sailing School races, and supervising the Junior Race Committee as well as any team racing and special racing events.

The Racing Program Director secures the CYC premises, boats, and equipment with the Sailing School Program Director and helps in the care and maintenance of the clubhouse,grounds, and equipment whenever on duty.



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