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Summer 2017

Please note,  Thursday, Friday and Saturday is big weekend for EastwardHo!  They host the annual Men's Toby Sanders Invitational. We ask that our members remember the guidelines for parking and safety.  Thank you!  See the parking map below for any questions

Spinsheet - July 15, 2018


Opti Regatta Recap:

West Dennis Regatta: The CYC Opti Race Team attended our first regatta of the summer at the West Dennis Yacht Club. The heavy wind and strong current provided a unique challenge for our sailors, but everyone was able to prevail! We had great results and brought home a number of awards: In red fleet, Cody Lamoreux placed 2nd, and Tucker Lamoreux finished in 5th.In blue fleet, Cailyn Murphy finished in 2nd and Julia Scipione placed 3rd. Chad Bartlett received the mid-fleet award. In green fleet, Brooke Bartlett placed 3rd and Sam Bartlett completed his first regatta. Congratulations to all of our sailors on a terrific first regatta! They all gained valuable experience in waves that will help them later in the summer!

Bass River Regatta: Congratulations to the following sailors on their first Opti regatta! Amy Byler, Sophie Dart, James Grainger, Olivia Hecht, Finley Sullivan, Madison Macomber, Alex Wesp, and Max Wesp!

We just wanted to give you all a quick recap of this regatta and tell you how proud we are of every one of our students! After each race, we were amazed at how positive every sailor was. They all came to our coach boat to talk to us--some of them even didn't want candy, but only to hear what they could do better next race. On the coach boat, Izzy and I were anxiously watching each race and we saw some truly amazing sailing out there. We didn't have to coach anyone to get around the course a single time, and no one started a race and couldn't finish it, which is a green fleet first. Thank you so much for supporting your child in sailing, and I hope to see all of them at another regatta this summer!                                Top

Protect Our Shoreline       New beach grass has been planted to preserve what remains of our beach. Please do not walk on or store boats on this fragile new grass!

Pennant Party - Tuesday 6:30-8:30  See Below for details

CYC Beach Day 

Bass River Opti Regatta


At the New Bedford Regatta, we had three boats race in mentally challenging conditions against a very competitive to fleet, with Hank Bailey and Ellen Fuller finishing 20th, Jack Szymanski and Will Bailey finishing 22nd, and Izzy Maggioni and Ryan Goldstein finishing 25th in a fleet of 65.

At the West Dennis Regatta in a building southwest, with huge waves and a starting line littered with various experienced level sailors, we again had a strong showing, with Will Bailey and Jack Szymanski finishing 3rd, Ryan Goldstein and Izzy Maggioni in 4th, Abby Lenox and Calder Robbins in 5th, Ellen Fuller and Hank Bailey in 7th, Jan Lapinski and Owen Primeau in 23rd, and Caitlin Fitzmaurice and Sophie Maggioni, both in their first year on the race team, finishing 38th!  

Natalie Coleman Fuller and Allison Coleman won the New England Day Sailer Championship sailed at Orleans Yacht Club on July 14. They won three of the four races.  Ted Dickson and Meredith Dart finished second in the regatta.



CYC's new Adult Sailing Class is off to a great start with 12 eager students, two on the wait list and other interest as well. The weekly Thursday afternoon class (held rain or shine) begins with a "chalk talk" on a particular sailing topic, followed by an hour and a half of sailing, and concludes with a wrap up and refreshments in the CYC clubhouse. Week one, the group got to know one another and learned about sails in general - parts of the sail, parts of the boat, and the all important "wind clock". As the wind and weather were uncooperative for week one, the group also worked on important nautical knots in the clubhouse. Week two, the weather was sunny, yet very windy, so students rigged the boats with their instructors, reefed their sails and got out sailing on the bay! The focus was on "reaching" back and forth across the wind, tacking, boat parts (vocabulary), and again, reading the sail and wind. For week three, the sailing weather was perfect! Students and instructors got out sailing, and practiced upwind and downwind sailing, as well as tacks, gybes, getting out of "irons" and beach landings.

The CYC Adult Sailing Committee is thrilled with the response to this new CYC class offering, and particularly with the enthusiasm of the students and staff in the class. There are all different skill levels and needs, but staff is flexible and adjusts instruction accordingly. Chairperson, Cathy Taylor, would like to thank all of the committee members, volunteer instructors patrol, and boat loaners, who are working together to make this program so successful! The committee would also like to thank CYC staff for sharing the clubhouse, grounds and bay at a busy time of day! CYC hopes to offer this class again in 2019, so if learning to sail is on your 'bucket list', sign up early as the class fills up fast!"

Please see the Adult Sailing page for detailed information.



Pennant Preparation Party

Tuesday, July 17th 


We would love to see you at a pennant cutting and gluing, wine and cheese event at the club. It's a great opportunity to meet other new, recent and long standing members. Make new connections, get involved, learn more about the club and enjoy a glass of wine and beautiful scenery! (no experience necessary :)


SAVE THESE DATES! - Watch for updates on the Regatta Weekend

August 3rd: Commodore's Buffet

August 10th: Ladies Luncheon

August 12th: CYC Beach Day

August 17th: Last Hurrah Cocktails, 6:00pm

The CYC Social Committee is looking forward to another wonderful summer filled with fun events for the whole family, but we count on volunteers to make all these events happen!! Please sign up on the CYC website! If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact

Nikki Bartlett at



In order to keep children safe, the costs affordable as well as maintain the community culture of Chatham Yacht Club, CYC relies on ALL members to volunteer in order to get everything done. This a great way to get to know old and new CYC members.

Thank you to those who have volunteered this season already! 


Sailing School Families should sign up for at least ONE VOLUNTEER SLOT PER CHILD enrolled in Sailing School and at least ONE REGATTA DONATION PER CHILD in Sailing School. All other members should sign up for at least TWO VOLUNTEER SLOTS and donate at least ONE ITEM for the Regatta (see separate signups below; the more donations the better, thanks!). If you have a motorboat and are willing to serve as Race Patrol, please consider PATROL as your volunteer responsibility. If you have never patrolled before, don’t worry it is easy and there are plenty of folks to help guide you – just ask




The Patrol Squad is always looking for members to help us keep our sailors safe on the water. We need volunteers with motorboats on Tuesdays and Saturdays throughout the summer, plus the Fourth of July and CYC Regatta weekend. Please visit the CYC Sign Up Genius or email Cara Maggioni ( or Sue Maggioni ( to let us know when you’re available. No experience is necessary!                                                                                                           Top



New items:

- We have a limited number of Yeti lowball ramblers and coldsters. If there is demand, I can place an order for other items but need to order soon. 

- We also have an official CYC regulation weight frisbee!

- We now have Nike Dry Fit hats just in case they get wet.

We will be selling gear on the following dates:

We accept credit cards, paypal invoices, apple/samsung/android pay 

and of course, cash!


CYC Parking

The new parking lot configuration allows for multi-directional Fox Hill Road access from three points as illustrated in the diagram below. It is essential that all CYC traffic use the third entrance on Fox Hill road to minimize the access traffic and pedestrian hazards in the other parts of the parking area.

The added parking has improved parking but we, EHCC and CYC, need to continue to optimize on the available parking with the following actions;

Sailing School morning classes

CYC instructors will be available to help students to and from the CYC club house so parents can enjoy the convenience of “drop and go” noted by the yellow cross-hash area. Before 11:30 am, parking maybe available on a first-come, first-serve basis in the designated area, highlighted in green box, for parents to bring their children to classes, meet the instructors and fellow parents. Please be aware this area is not exclusive to CYC but shared with EHCC. If there is a shortage of parking spaces in the designated area, please park on the shoulder of Fox Hill Rd. “Pickup and go” will also be available for your convenience at the conclusion of morning classes at the Pick-up spot shown in the diagram. This is a safer and shaded location where our students can be ready for pick-up.


Parking begins to get busy around 11:30 when Eastward Ho! Lunch service begins. After 11:30, We ask that CYC members park on the Fox Hill road shoulder during lunch if the north lot is busy.

Afternoon classes and races

Due to the limited amount of parking spaces, Parents are encouraged to enjoy the convenience of “drop and go” where appropriate for the children. Parents who would like to see your kids in action during the afternoon races can check for available parking spots in the designated (green) area after 2 PM. If there is a shortage of parking spaces at any time, please park on the shoulder of Fox Hill Rd.

Eastward Ho! will have parking lot attendants available to assist with traffic flow and direct CYC members to the designated (green) area. Please don’t hesitate to speak with them if you have any questions or need assistance.

As always, safety is paramount as we balance convenience and consideration for a shared parking resource with our friends at Eastward Ho!

Thank you for your cooperation as we begin a new exciting season at CYC!


Courtesy and Safety on the Golf Course

An average golf ball leaves the tee traveling 115 mph or more, and our path to CYC takes us right in front of the first tee. Adults and children need to take care as they cross in front.  Eastward Ho! has provided a fence to protect us.  CYC members should stop at the edge of the fence, look and assess the situation.  Always wait while golfers are teeing off, but if the golfers are waiting, they may signal it is safe to cross. Be aware as you approach the ninth green as well, since it is just beyond our path.

Eastward Ho! and CYC have a great working relationship, but it depends on CYC members being courteous to and respectful of the golfers.  Please wear shirts and shoes when crossing the hill, and do not use your cell phone.  It is best to be quiet when golfers are on the 9th green.  You may stop and wait, or move quietly by, but try not to distract those focusing on their putts.


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