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One of the unique and popular aspects of our Regatta is the trophies. David Spring painted another beautiful watercolor which he printed, framed, and DONATED as trophies. We also use the image on our Thank You certificates for our volunteers. 

Garland Kincaid and a team of volunteers made and provided the pennants to accompany the trophies.  

Once again, Suzanne Lenox designed beautiful Regatta shirts and Suzanne and Cara Maggioni staffed the busy gear table.

Spinsheet - August 5, 2019


(and a whole lot more!  Please scroll through for information on CYC Beach Day, Awards & Trophies, Crew Class ...)

Oh what a weekend! We completed another successful Chatham Yacht Club Regatta this weekend with 126 boats racing on three lines with many volunteers patrolling, working on the Race Committee and providing hospitality.   We claim to be the oldest and longest-running FREE (!) regatta in the United States.  Our volunteers make it possible for the event to be free for the competitors.  THANK YOU!

We had a windy SW-wind day on Saturday and a lighter NW-wind day on Sunday morning.

At the Awards Ceremony I asked about ages - we had 4 8-year-olds. We also had an 80-year-old skipper (Alan McLennen, Jr.) come in second in the Flying Scots - which is the Prosser-Ginn Championship - the Cape Cod Adult Championship - which he first won as the Ginn Cup 60 years ago.  And an 86 year-old skipper, Roy Terwilliger, who came in third in Beetle Cats. (And my 92-year-old mother, Polly, who worked the entire regatta on one of the Race Committee boats). The Coleman sisters who won the Prosser-Ginn this year had previously won the Prosser Cup 6 times. (Before last year The Ginn was the Men's and the Prosser was the Women's - they were combined last year into one event since neither of the other two had been sailed for 15 years (I won last year).

Other notables - Jeff and Schuyler Ward spent a long time successfully rescuing a Baybird that nearly sunk on Saturday.

Sportsmanship Awards were won by Max Wesp and Isabel Dickson from Chatham Yacht Club in junior sunfish for honesty and sportsmanship, JD Fougere from Stage Harbor in the Opti Green for perseverance, and Elle Frankston and Henna Gallico from Cape Cod Sea Camps for perseverance.

Note the Opti Red White and Blue fleets combine into a Championship Fleet that was won by Julia Scipione (the finish totals get ranked together)

The Race and Registration Committees Caroline Edwards, Dorothy Cary, Angela Scipione, Nancy Murphy, Polly Dickson, Karen Sheldrick, Melise O’Sullivan, Liz Lorin, Carl Dickson, Bridget and John Dickson, Anna Marie Johansen, Walt Kincaid, Garland Kincaid, and Margaret Dickson did an amazing job.

As always, this amazing event is made possible because of CYC’s spirit of volunteerismNikki Bartlett, Jenna Benson, Deb McLean, and crew – Jenn Gilmartin, Kerry Cahaly, Teitsa and Allan Mann, Natalie Fuller, Dorothy Cary, Sharon Edwards, Hope Foley, Karen Taylor, Barb Shipley, Michelle deSilva, Sarah Eslick, Garland Kincaid, Tracy Dart, and Cathy Taylor for the flowers and shells organized a wonderful Friday night Commodore’s Buffet (including arranging perfect weather). On-shore during the Regatta, Anna Robbins and Heather Wesp once again oversaw a flawless operation in the Clubhouse providing refreshments and support at all hours.

Close to 45 of you volunteered your time or brought food during the weekend. The Regatta truly would not happen without your help!  This volunteer crew included : Meg Blanchet, Sophia Blanchet, Tracy Dart, Sharon Edwards, Jason Eslick, Cindi Fitzmaurice, Beth Goldstein, Betsy Gunsalus, Cheryl Hoenmeyer, Julie Howell, Dottie Mackie, Heather Macomber, Amy Middleton, Alison Siegel, Jackie Syzmankski, Kristen Zabbo.

Special thanks also to Cara and Sue Maggioni for organizing  volunteers in patrol boats during the Regatta.  Patrol crew included: Sam Benson and his kids, John, Kathy, and Bart Wesp, Jeff and Schuyler Ward, Keegan Berner, Clayton Kincaid, Cindi and Fitz Fitzmaurice, Mike Szymanski, Suzanne and Todd Lenox, Jeff Taylor, Phil Robbins, Chris Wray, Bill Woodward, Michelle deSilva, Jay Gassner, John Maggioni, Neil Murphy, Melissa Dickson, Emily Dickson.

We once again used online registration and scoring through Regatta Network this year and almost every sailor did so before the weekend began, leaving only a few for manual entry on Saturday morning.  Scorers:  Jensie Shipley, Karina Lamoreux, great job!

Perhaps most important to the success of the event was the work of Meredith Dart, Caroline Edwards, and all of the instructors. From organizing the flags and other Race Committee materials, to inflating and placing marks, to CYC clean-up, their behind-the-scenes work was outstanding.

Thanks to everyone for making this great event possible!

Marshall Bartlett and Ted Dickson

Editors note : The club also wishes to acknowledge Marshall Bartlett & Ted Dickson for overseeing the entire regatta.  Additionally  Commodore Barb Shipley continues to inspire with her leadership and dedication, from greeting attendees at the Commodore's Buffet to working the parking lot in the mornings.  Thank you!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Top


Please remember to return any CYC trophies in your possession. Awards are presented at the closing meeting on the 17th!

REMEMBER TO HAVE YOUR TROPHIES ENGRAVED!  East Coast Trophy in Hyannis does a nice job and has a quick turn around. (508-771-2130 or



August 11th: CYC Beach Day

August 16th: Last Hurrah Cocktails, 6:00pm

Nikki Bartlett at

We are looking for volunteers to help coordinate the Last Hurrah on the 16th - please email Nikki Bartlett if you can help!

All CYC Beach Day Sunday August 11th

Meet at the Outer Beach around 11:00am for an informal day with CYC friends. Pack your lunches and families! We will be anchoring on the bay side near the flag pole to the left of the remaining house and gathering on the ocean side. Please fly a CYC Burgee on your boat, and look for other boats doing the same.                                                                   Top


     Wednesday, August 14th : Night Sail   (ice cream sundae party)

      Friday August 16th is the Sailing School Awards  for all classes.... starting at 12-12:30.... everyone is welcome (families & sailors)

As always, please feel free to let me know if you have any questions at all about sailing school. I look forward to seeing everyone soon!

- Meredith Dart (


We had a mock race this week, complete with course board, dock committee and starting guns! Three classes (sunfish, catboats, and beetles) completed the course while some non-racers strengthened their sailing instincts. It was a beautiful day out on Pleasant Bay!






Does anyone have a used trailer for my 14’ cat boat you are looking to sell?  If so, please call :

Anna Harper





CYC Parking

The new parking lot configuration allows for multi-directional Fox Hill Road access from three points as illustrated in the diagram below. It is essential that all CYC traffic use the third entrance on Fox Hill road to minimize the access traffic and pedestrian hazards in the other parts of the parking area.

The added parking has improved parking but we, EHCC and CYC, need to continue to optimize on the available parking with the following actions;

Sailing School morning classes

CYC instructors will be available to help students to and from the CYC club house so parents can enjoy the convenience of “drop and go” noted by the yellow cross-hash area. Before 11:30 am, parking maybe available on a first-come, first-serve basis in the designated area, highlighted in green box, for parents to bring their children to classes, meet the instructors and fellow parents. Please be aware this area is not exclusive to CYC but shared with EHCC. If there is a shortage of parking spaces in the designated area, please park on the shoulder of Fox Hill Rd. “Pickup and go” will also be available for your convenience at the conclusion of morning classes at the Pick-up spot shown in the diagram. This is a safer and shaded location where our students can be ready for pick-up.


Parking begins to get busy around 11:30 when Eastward Ho! Lunch service begins. After 11:30, We ask that CYC members park on the Fox Hill road shoulder during lunch if the north lot is busy.

Afternoon classes and races

Due to the limited amount of parking spaces, Parents are encouraged to enjoy the convenience of “drop and go” where appropriate for the children. Parents who would like to see your kids in action during the afternoon races can check for available parking spots in the designated (green) area after 2 PM. If there is a shortage of parking spaces at any time, please park on the shoulder of Fox Hill Rd.

Eastward Ho! will have parking lot attendants available to assist with traffic flow and direct CYC members to the designated (green) area. Please don’t hesitate to speak with them if you have any questions or need assistance.

As always, safety is paramount as we balance convenience and consideration for a shared parking resource with our friends at Eastward Ho!

Thank you for your cooperation as we begin a new exciting season at CYC!


Courtesy and Safety on the Golf Course

An average golf ball leaves the tee traveling 115 mph or more, and our path to CYC takes us right in front of the first tee. Adults and children need to take care as they cross in front.  Eastward Ho! has provided a fence to protect us.  CYC members should stop at the edge of the fence, look and assess the situation.  Always wait while golfers are teeing off, but if the golfers are waiting, they may signal it is safe to cross. Be aware as you approach the ninth green as well, since it is just beyond our path.

Eastward Ho! and CYC have a great working relationship, but it depends on CYC members being courteous to and respectful of the golfers.  Please wear shirts and shoes when crossing the hill, and do not use your cell phone.  It is best to be quiet when golfers are on the 9th green.  You may stop and wait, or move quietly by, but try not to distract those focusing on their putts.


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