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Spinsheet - August 2020

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Our sailing school staff has done a wonderful job this year! If you feel positive about the job these hard working young people have done for the last eight weeks, or if you want to give an extra thank you for your child's sailing school experience, please donate to the 
staff appreciation fund.  The club uses these funds to give bonuses to the teachers.   Thank you!  (Contribute Here)

Please make your contributions by September 30th so we may distribute in October.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL AND RESPOND TO THE 2020 CYC MEMBERS SURVEY.  This will help in our planning for next year. Thank you!

Farewell to summer 2020 from our Commodore,

2020 - A Summer for the history books

Two thoughts occurred to me as I thought about the CYC Summer of 2020….The first was "Phew, we made it safely!" and the second was “I can’t believe the summer’s already over!" Our sailing program endured through a global epidemic and yet the CYC sailing season seems like it ended way to soon.  Time flies when you’re having fun.

It's fitting that as we approach our Chatham Yacht Club’s 100th season that we added another plot twist in the rich history of CYC. As if Ted Dickson and Alan McLennen didn’t already have their hands full collecting the history of our club from the last 98 years!

In this season the true spirit of our club emerged as club members, volunteers and staff effectively rose to the challenge of Coronavirus and created a safe yet nurturing environment where members could enjoy their passion and further develop their love of sailing. From my perspective I got the luxury of seeing teamwork and some amazingly people combine their diverse talents to make this season a success. When we first became aware of the Coronavirus threat to our sailing program we knew the CYC 2020 would be an unusual and memorable one. Now, with the clubhouse closed up and boats stored away we can look back at the pictures of 2020 (Paul Lamoreux’s 2020 CYC Photos) and remember this year with a smile and a sense of pride. 

Thanks to all of our members for rising to the occasion to make 2020 a great season under difficult conditions.  We are looking forward to the CYC Centennial Season next year and hopefully a much safer environment for sailing, celebrating, and extending the legacy of Chatham Yacht Club's spirited history.


John Maggioni

A note from the editorial staff: The 2020 season was a special one, if for no other fact than we actually had one!  Faced with the adversity of a pandemic and the ever changing challenges, CYC members and staff did what they do best : roll up their sleeves and get down to business.  Find a way and make it work.   The staff was at work by 7am ( sometimes earlier) and often not home until after 6pm.  The students faced the challenge of not being 'normal' or hanging at the club.  Our adult members found a way to by golly get out on the bay! 

CYC is a special place made up by special people and we are all better because of it. Aren't we the lucky ones?! - TD


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Jeff Taylor, husband to Cathy and father to Emily and the late Willis Taylor.  During our closing meeting last Saturday, members shared a moment of grief, respect, gratitude and love for the late Jeff Taylor who passed away on Friday, August 21. 

Jeff was an integral part of the backbone of CYC.  At it’s core, Chatham Yacht Club is a family made up of volunteers . Dedicated to CYC, Jeff personified the volunteer spirit  and was always there lending a helping hand. From Patrol Captain, to House & Grounds; from lending his children Emily and Willis to lead the Sailing School Program to his unwavering patrol watch over his wife Cathy while she participated in the races, Jeff was always there with a smile and willingness to assist.

With this embodiment of CYC's volunteer spirit, we found it only fitting to posthumously award the Taylor Trophy to Jeff Taylor. 

"The Taylor trophy is awarded annually to the Chatham Yacht Club student, staff member, or other yacht club member who selflessly displays the most passion and ability to pass on his or her knowledge of sailing, racing, and seamanship to other sailors, consistent with Chatham Yacht Club values. Let the annual recipient stand as a role model for all in the sport. Established in 2013 by former CYC Sailing Masters Emily and Willis Taylor."

Congratulations to all of our

2020 Chatham Yacht Club award winners! 

See a full list of winners

In addition to our annual club awards, there were a few "2020 Special Recognition Awards" bestowed upon some well deserving hard working members: (recognition for teamwork and going above and beyond their assigned roles to make the 2020 CYC sailing season a great one)

MVP - Julie Murphy

Communications & style - Tracy Dart  

Jack-of-all trades - Cara Maggioni

Commodore Emeritus - Barb Shipley

Handyman Awards - Charlie Lower & Family

Endless Hours - Coach Jeff Howell  



As parents, we look on the lives of our children as being filled with long days and short years. As we look back on our own lives, we may barely remember specific school years, but we always remember the long, fun-filled summers, summers that we waited for with eager anticipation, and summers we always felt went by too fast.

With such heart-felt memories of our own summers spent sailing at CYC, in the midst of a global pandemic that had shut down many aspects of everyday lives including local recreational, swimming and tennis program, a handful of parents, with funny titles like Commodore and Rear Commodore, took to meeting electronically so that they could continue, against all odds, to pass on the remarkable legacy known as Chatham Yacht Club.

Their innumerable planning hours helped produce a program that had never been seen before. Class drop off and pick up times would be spaced apart. Launch areas for each class would be spaced apart. Within each class, the children and instructors would do their best to remain spaced apart. Put it all together, while wearing masks and buffs to protect each other from any stray viral load we might be carrying, we all came together in remarkable ways.

Students and staff learned to work cooperatively, even as they stayed separate.

More kids than ever sailed in Optis, and they stuck with it from the opening classes, enjoying many of the same shore school features, like Beach Day or Pirate Day (which has now morphed into Character Day) , just as many of us participated in years (or a few eye blinks) ago.

Events away from Pleasant Bay were curtailed due to the pandemic, but the same tremendous skill developments and advancements happened thanks to the regular efforts of our coaches and staff. With no breaks to go off to regattas, instructional time expanded resulting in a different kind of learning gain.

Through it all, our staff--from Connor Blanchet and Ashley Dart down to the first year junior instructors--put in more work and did more cleaning than any previous CYC workforce. And they did it all while wearing masks or buffs. And we did it all without any positive Covid cases in the club.

Now, at the end of the summer, I feel as if we have snapped our fingers, and all the events from the first planning meeting to the successful regatta to the storage and installation of 17 boats in the basement--that all has occurred in the finger snap of summer.

But one thing is for sure:

everything we did was worth it so that we could enjoy the summer of 2020.

Everything was worth it.

2020 CYC Sailing School Staff:

Program Director:
Assistant Program Director:
Jeff Howell
Connor Blanchet
Ashley Dart
420 Race Coaches: 

Connor Blanchet

Ashley Dart

Opti Race Coaches: 

Izzy Maggioni

Calder Robbins

Crew Director: Ashley Dart
Recreational Instructor:

Wendy Taylor

Opti Advanced:

Izzy Maggioni

Sophie Maggioni

Opti Intermediate:  

Opti Beginner:

Calder Robbins

Grace Gunsalus

Helmsman: Abby Lenox



Schuyler Bartlett

Wendy Taylor

Karina Lamoreux

Race Team: 

Abby Lenox


Hank Bailey

Will Bailey

Staff Bios

Junior Instructors - Crew:

Junior Instructors - Opti:

Cody Lamoreux

Tucker Lamoreux

Cailyn Murphy

Junior Instructor - Recreational:

Caitlyn Fitzmaurice

Junior Instructors:

Chad Bartlett

Colin Boland

Coco Fitzmaurice

Amelia Gassner

Sarah Lenox

Zoe Maggioni

Jack Szymanski

Julia Szymanski


CYC has openings in crew class for 2021.

We are actively looking for new members for next year, but as always, word of mouth is our best adverstising!  We are particularly looking for people who want to race or families who have children ages 7-10 who want to learn how to sail.  Please refer anyone who is interested to the website or have them  contact Karen Taylor at or

Lifelong friendships are made sailing around the bay!

then & now (ish)


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