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Summer 2021


This is a busy week at CYC and we want to keep all of our members and guests safe and healthy. 


  1.  If you have symptoms, stay home and get tested. 
  2.  If you have been exposed to someone positive, stay home and get tested.
  3. Unvaccinated people are still the most risky and have the most danger of getting ill - get vaccinated.

Spinsheet -August 5,2021


History is being made this week on Pleasant Bay

First, Chatham Yacht Club hosted the Leo Telesmanick Beetle Cat regatta with the Beetle Cat also celebrating it's 100th birthday.  Secondly, CYC wins the SMSA Durant Trophy.  Thirdly, IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY!   And the good news keeps on coming...


Breaking News


See below for details

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening at our Centennial Gala.   With over 230 revelers joining us, this will be an event like never before! 

Please be mindful of EastwardHo! property and parking.

The weather looks glorious!

Mark your calendar - Tommorrow Afternoon!

Baybird Open House – Friday, August 6th

Please come to see the spectacle, take photos, and sail on one of these beautiful boats!

Coming to the Gala?  Watching the baybird parade? Joining the regatta? For those of you who have not been 'over the hill' in a while, please remember to STOP STOP STOP as you enter the pathway to CYC.  Please look for golfers and waitA golf ball travels over 100 mph and is very dangerous!


We have needs for food and drink donations, for help setting and cleaning up for the gala, and for hospitality during the regatta. Please use this signup to indicate where you can help!

Regatta Volunteers


The Centennial Decorating Committee would love to borrow your pennants for "under the tent" at Friday's gala.  If you have any pennants you can loan (with your name affixed) please contact Nikki Bartlett or Kristin ZabboThey will be returned!

Nikki (

Kristin (

The Patrol Squad is still looking for members to help us keep our sailors safe on the water.

Patrollers - there are still opportunities to sign up for Patrol at the CYC Regatta.  There will be a patrol meeting at the regatta this Saturday at 9AM to give a basic rundown of what patrollers do. 

Spectator boats -For boaters watching the races that have room for other spectators on their boat and would like to offer those spots to others. To sign up just signup for patrol and specify in the signup that you want to be a spectator boat and how many spectators you can take on your boat.

Patrol & Spectator Sign Up!


Congratulations to our CYC sailors for winning the SMSA Durant Trophy (Junior Team Racing Championship), for the first time today! 

The CYC team shrugged off an early defeat to finish up strong in gusting southwest winds.  Congratulations!

Sailors representing CYC : Chad Bartlett, Amelia Gassner, Lucy Grant, Cody Lamoreux, Tucker Lamoreux, Cailyn Murphy, Audra Navey, Julia Scipione

Coached by : Ashley Dart, Hank Bailey, Will Bailey

CYC competed in against 8 other clubs including :   Beverly Yacht Club (2nd), Cotuit Mosquito YC, Hyannis YC, Stage Harbor Yacht Club, Stone Horse YC, Wequaquet Lake Yacht Club, West Dennis Yacht Club and  Wianno Yacht Club  (3rd)

A BIG THANK YOU to : Julie Murphy, Barb Shipley, John Maggioni, The Dickson, Avery and Paczkowska families for lending your boats and  for your helping hand and volunteer spirit!  Thank you Jeff Howell and Ashley Dart for your dedication!  We could not do this without you!

The SMSA Junior Team Racing program was organized in 1976 to promote racing among the various SMSA yacht clubs as a means of creating additional interest in junior sailing programs. 

See more of Chatham Yacht Club's participation and placements in Junior Team Racing here


CYC Centennial Trivia Nugget:

Introduction: The Spirit of CYC: by Ted Dickson, Jeff Howell, et alia

The Chatham Yacht Club (a.k.a. CYC) has been dedicated to the promotion of sailboat racing and the development of sailors since 1921. CYC provides sailing instruction to children, adolescents, and adults, and organizes racing experiences in the Pleasant Bay area of Cape Cod, MA.

Chatham Yacht Club has always been more of a concept than a building. It is a community of people who work together to promote sailing and one-design racing on Pleasant Bay. One way that this community is unique is in the amazing hidden lives of its members. We see sailors and patrol boat operators and dock committee members and people doing maintenance projects. We do not always realize that we are also seeing accomplished doctors, teachers, professors and college presidents, accountants, ministers, social workers, engineers, business leaders, and even ambassadors.

Another more important way that this community is unique is how each generation trains and teaches the next generation through coaching, conversation, mentoring, and modeling, transferring values such as sportsmanship, seamanship, and voluntarism as well as sailing and teaching skills.

At CYC, young sailors compete against older champion sailors in many kinds of boats. In the 2020 regatta, two sailors in their fifties won the 420 class and the C-14 class, a 60+ year-old Sunfish sailor defeated the teen-agers, and in the Beetle Cat class, the teenager sailing with his father outsailed the older sailors. This older generation also mentors the sailing instructors who then pass on all of these values and skills to the next generation.

We love to sail and do not worry about frills. Our place has been on the water.



Following a year of planning, Telesmanick Regatta 100th Steering Committee members Ted Dickson, Cathy Taylor and Roy Terwilliger would like to thank the many volunteers (both on the water and off!) who helped to make this past weekend's centennial New England Beetle Cat Boat Association championship so successful. This was a true CYC team effort (including Mother Nature!) and everyone had a wonderful time. Please go to the CYC website to view photos of the spectacular, centennial event sailed by a record seventy-three Beetle Cats and to see the final standings.

As the number of registrants climbed way beyond our audacious goal of 50 boats, we knew that the only club that could pull this off was CYC because of our volunteer spirit. We want to especially thank Jeff Howell and the instructors for running the launching process, towing boats, ferrying sailors, and rescuing boats - especially Grace Gonzales and Kailyn McGauley for their extraordinary efforts rescuing a capsized Beetle Cat.”