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Sailing School Overview                               Link to view CYC Sailing School Photos

The Chatham Yacht Club runs a sailing school program with approximately 100 students each year.  We run classes 5 mornings / week for 8 weeks during the summer. For 2018, classes will run from June 25 - Aug 17.  Crew, our beginner class, is taught in Beetle Cats, with and instructor and 2-4 students in each boat. Students in the crew class come to sailing school two mornings each week. Typical students spend 1 to 2 summers in the crew class. Seaman, our intermediate level classes are taught in Optis. We offer two or three levels of opti classes depending on student ability. In these seaman level classes, students begin by learning how to single hand a sailboat (sailing it alone) and progress to learning racing tactics in the optimist. In addition to our Seaman level Optimist classes, we have a Seaman level Sunfish class which allows students to sail in pairs. This is our Seaman Recreational class, which has a focus on sailing rather than racing. Our Helmsman level classes are taught in 420s.  Most summers we offer both Helmsman Racing and Helmsman Recreational classes. 

The Chatham Yacht Club Sailing School is available to members only. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Karen Taylor at

Sailing School Progression Chart


Weekly Overview of Class Schedules (2018)

Sailing School begins each day at 9:30. Monday, Tuesday & Friday 9:30-12:00. Wednesday & Thursday school ends after the sailing school race at approximately 1:30. 

What time do I pick up my child??

Monday, Tuesday and Friday classes-  12pm

Wednesday and Thursday classes- 1:30. 

In addition sailors are invited to race the Junior race on Wednesday 

and the pick up for that is 3pm.

See below for CYC Parking and Access details

See below for information on "What to Bring" to class each day.

See above for Sailing School Progression, what class leads to which boat?


All members of the Chatham Yacht Club are encouraged to take part in their club by volunteering during the summer sailing season, mid-June to late August. The friendly camaraderie that results is vital to the continued success of CYC, which has been dedicated to the development of sailors since its founding in 1921. 

Refreshments & Parent on Duty

2017 CYC Sailing School Staff:

Program Director:
Assistant Program Director:
 Sarah Kane
 Julia Fuller
Racing Director:  Sarah Fuller
Advisor to Crew instructors: Katie Dickson
Crew:  Ashley Dart
Recreational Program:Chris Cone
Opti Director (Intermediate & Advanced) Julia Fuller
Opti Beginner: Ellen Fuller
Helmsman: Connor Blanchet
Laser Beginner:  Harris Padegs
Adult Sailing: Ashley Dart
Abby Lenox

Opti -
Ryan Goldstein (Opti Beginner)
Clayton Kincaid (Opti Beginner)
Abby Lennox (Opti Beginner)
Izzy Magioni (Opti Beginner)
Jack Murphy (Opti Intermdiate)
Tommy Szymanski (Opti Intermediate)

Clayton Kincaid

Marni Clary
Junior Instructors:
Jack Lenox
Brendan Murphy
Calder Robbins
Substitute Instructors:
Hank Bailey
Will Bailey
Niccolo Cardinali
Sydney Clary
Kaitlyn McGauley
Owen Primeau
Jack Szymanski

Race Team-
Jack Murphy

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